108 Names of our Willing Hands Shrine: Patricia Tomaszek & Zsuzsa Mitro, started on Saturday May 18th, 2013

To build a shrine is one of the most blissful things in the world. To start building one with a precious friend - the pleasures of that almost leave me speechless. In just a few words, on Saturday May 18th, Patti and I spent some time in our Willing Hands Garden. By sundown, we found a place near the river, and our shrine went into creation. Since then, I have added some flowers, an adornment earring whose pair is missing, and the granite egg that migrated from my room's shrine into the nest Patti has envisioned. I will take a picture each day I am there. I plan to collect 108 images altogether. - ZsM

when we started to built our shrine, i initially said to my sharing shrine-friend "it is like building a nest" and at the same time i imagined a bird's birth in it. later on, a thought of graveyard came to my mind, .... and everlasting life. creating the shrine in nature with what we found around the place we have chosen is unforgettable, and i will always always remember and be reminded of the joy i felt when my friend and i will continue to tune together on the continents we live in, being straightforwardly there. peace will prevail where we are. – PT

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