Inner Beauty Products

Based on cosmetic forms, but makeup-free, these portable objects say, Fundamentally, you are great just the way you are. Already wearing makeup? Fantastic! Never wear makeup? Fantastic! There is nothing to add, and nothing to take away. No matter what arises in your life, you can approach it with a sense of interest and wisdom, knowing that your own vast heart will not be overwhelmed. The Inner Beauty Products are a collaboration with my dear friend Elana Langer.

Compact Shrine $40
Portable shrine? Inner Beauty Compact? Why choose when you can have both in one? A beautiful reminder of your own heart's truths, this bamboo compact includes a four seasons/four directions mandala engraved in the top (because true beauty flows through all seasons & changes), a hand-cast terra cotta heart tablet (to remind you of being grounded, and of your heart's imprint on the world), an etched mirror (which makes it harder to gaze critically at your nose), and a second compartment containing a hand-sewn, illustrated mini-booklet of meditation instructions (accompanied by a free online audio guided meditation). Choose your booklet:

...and your mirror



Meditation Booklets $5 each
These tiny (roughly 2x2") illustrated booklets are intended as reminders of your capacity to relax in the midst of any situation life presents you with, & engage with wisdom and compassion. Each one has a link to a guided online audio meditation, to help you practice. Can be carried inside the Compact Shrine's secret compartment (see above), or in a pocket, purse or wallet. Choose your title:


Self & Other Compact $20
Who's the lover? Who's the enemy? Who am I? Whose presence am I finding delightful, and who am I struggling with right now? This bamboo compact features a four seasons/four directions mandala engraved on the top and an etched mirror: "WHEREVER I AM MY HEART IS THERE." Customize it with photos, writings, stickers, etc, to reflect the changing state of your own good heart.


Heart-Stick $15
Keep your intentions for speaking truth & bearing witness close at hand. Laser-etched bamboo tube with heart motif on top is inscribed "TRUTH ON MY LIPS/LOVE IN MY HEART." Contains a printed handmade Nepalese paper scroll with a prayer on one side:

IN THIS MOMENT, I relax into wisdom. I stand in courage and feel my heart's truth.  I know what I know.  Greed, fear & hatred neither silence me nor force me to speak. IN THIS MOMENT I can pause to listen to all that is in and around me, to the truth in what is said & what is left unsaid. May my voice and my silence carry truth.  May I have the wisdom to know when to work to be heard, and when to let go.

...and space to write your own intentions for wise speech on the other.


Inner Beauty Elixir $15
The ultimate Inner Beauty Product! Glass jar is etched in fancy script: I know my face is not what makes me beautiful. Keep it empty among your other potions on the bathroom shelf, or fill it however you see fit.



Inner Beauty Kit $50
A Compact Shrine and a Heart-Stick, swankily packaged together with application instructions:

Nothing says beautiful like the glow of self-acceptance, so we created a line of non-make-up beauty products designed to expand what makes you truly shine - your inner beauty.
Keep them at home in a special place or toss them in your purse and take them with you for that enlightened look on-the-go!
For best results, we recommend applying when stuck in traffic, waiting for an appointment, before an interview, after an interview, before a date, during a date, after a date, when you wake up, in the middle of the day, and before going to sleep.

Makes a wonderful gift, or a way of setting heart-felt intentions for the new year. Choose your booklet:

...and your mirror