Loving-Kindness Meditation

For a guided meditation audio file, please click here.

Below are images & text originally designed in booklet form, to be included in the Inner Beauty Compact. Both the booklet and the compact are available for sale in the Just So Space shop. As you try this practice for yourself, go slowly and gently. It's no good telling yourself you should feel loving-kindness towards yourself, or towards someone you find difficult. Notice what actually happens with each suggested step in the practice: anything at all that arises, whatever it may be. Frustration, restlessness, feelings of being wronged, or unlovable, or whatever. Anything that arises strongly becomes the focus of your lovingkindness. Dear frustration, may you be well. I see you. May you be at ease. Then go back to wherever you were in the sequence of self, teacher/friend, neutral person, difficult person, and all beings everywhere.