Meditation and Art @ AVA in Lebanon NH

This weekend workshop explored intuitive connections between contemplative practice (sitting & walking meditation) and creative practice (drawing, sculpting, moving, writing).  Throughout the weekend, we alternated periods of meditation and periods of open-ended creative exploration.  Working individually and as a group, we moved towards “finding the deeper grain” – opening to the place of stillness and wild possibility at the heart of being fully alive and creative.

We worked with the Five Directions Meditation as as starting point for our meditation and drawing/painting practice. Here is some of the collaborative work we produced:

NORTH (winter, night, the pause between things, equanimity and steadfastness)


EAST (spring, morning, the beginning of things, fearlessness and compassion)


SOUTH (summer, midday, the peak of things, generosity and joy)


WEST (autumn, late afternoon, the ending of things, lovingkindness and concentration)


CENTER (all times & all seasons; knowing things exactly as they are)


... here's the studio in its mandala form:


... and here are some smaller mandalas we produced: