Coming Home with the Eightfold Path
@ Just So Space, Lebanon, NH
Thursday evenings 5:30-7PM

Starting from the framework of the Buddha's foundational teaching of the Eightfold Path, these sessions explore how careful attention to all aspects of our immediate, day-to-day experience opens the ground of our waking up. Participants are encouraged and supported to set specific personal practice goals. Beginning October 30th.

No previous meditation experience is required, and participants of all spiritual/religious/atheist backgrounds are welcome. For beginners, this workshop will provide a good introduction to foundations of meditation & applied ethics, and early encouragement to find what works for them & develop it well. More advanced practitioners will enjoy the opportunity to develop their understanding of the Eightfold Path and to explore its applications in their own lives.

Participants will learn fundamental meditation, listening, and mindfulness skills that they can use for the rest of their lives, if they so choose. 

About the facilitator:
Julie Püttgen, MFA, is an artist & educator, a long-time Buddhist practitioner, and a passionate advocate for contemplative creativity.  She has taught meditation through Dartmouth College, Valley Insight Meditation Society, AVA, Hanover High School, and DHMC.

Workshop details: