Many people find it helpful to listen to guided instruction during meditation. As you become more familiar with a particular practice, you may find it natural to change the wording, sequence, or phrases to suit your own intentions and felt sense of skillful means. You may also like to record your own guided meditation, speaking directly to your own experience and fostering the part of yourself that is the good teacher. Remember: the point is not for you to obey some external instruction. The point is for you to pick up meditation as a tool to open & discover your own heart.

Guided Meditations:

5 Directions Meditation

Felt Body, Shifting Selves

Loving-kindness Meditation

Coming Home Meditation

Becoming Animal Meditation

Embodied Well-Being Meditation


Chanting is a very good way to bring meditation practice into your body & open your heart, whether you do it by yourself, or in a group. These recordings can help you learn the chants & get a feeling for the intonation & words.

For helpful background about Green Tara - a Tibetan deity of active compassion - and the Green Tara mantra, you might like to look at this page. This version of the mantra chant comes from Hayley Price, a fabulous yoga teacher in Edinburgh. In turn, Hayley learned it from a Taiwanese friend. Now it's yours, too. Enjoy!

The full English text of the Metta Sutta, aka The Buddha's Words on Loving Kindness, is here.


Green Tara Mantra (Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha)
The Buddha's Words on Loving-Kindness
The Buddha's First Teaching (full text is here)

The Bodhisattva Vows